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Improving safety in the dark with Inorganic Self Luminescent Wall & Floor Tiles

C.C.W. TECHNIC SERVICE PART., LTD in cooperation with ZHEJIANG Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in producing luminescent equipment, has done research and developed the “Inorganic Self Luminescent Wall & Floor Tiles”, which are able to respond well to the issue of reducing energy use. C.C.W. is the distributor of the product with guaranteed quality and reliability with installation services from professional technicians, providing service both in Thailand and other countries.

The special features of Inorganic Self Luminescent is its ability to store natural light during the day and release energy in the form of glow at night. The absorption and storing time of energy takes only 15-20 minutes but the luminescent light can glow for more than 10 hours.

Inorganic Self Luminescent is manufactured using new resin technology, therefore the external properties of the product are strong, shockproof and anti-break. It has been tested with concentrated sulfuric acid, making it chemical-resistant, non-toxic and non-radiating. The Luminescent can also withstand temperatures as low as -40 ° C and as high as 180 ° C heat. It has a long lifetime. In addition, it does not absorb water and can be applied to areas with high humidity, which is a unique feature of the product.

With all of these features, Inorganic Self Luminescent can be used both for exterior and interior area. It can be placed both onto the floor or wall and also be applied to footpaths, sidewalks, steps, bicycle paths, emergency exits, underground car parks, tunnels, walkways or places with not much light.  At night, the light shines yellow, green, blue or light blue as a safety symbol, to prevent accidents in the dark.


Experience Inorganic Self Luminescent Wall & Floor Tiles from C.C.W. Technic Service Ltd., at booth number A810 in ACT Forum’19, The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition for the first time in Thailand, during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani 2019/ccw-self-luminescent-eng/

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